Monday, 26 July 2010

The best house.

A short history of the best house.

The Hare and Hounds is the only surviving pub in Westgate today. Amongst all the inns that once served a once more populate village, It was formerly known as the best house...

The Hare and Hounds was built in 1791 by masons who were in the village working on the Wesleyan Chapel at High Town. Some accounts say the masons were from Hexham while others claim they were from Haltwhistle.

Those Methodists that worshiped in the High Town Chapel would be horrified to know when the chapel closed; the original decorative fittings and the pews were used to furnish the bar.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Arrival of the poly tunnel

Very good news for the bar at the weekend.
First of all , George, the ginger cockerel was on his feet again and looking for his hens. He had been very ill the past few weeks.
Also on Sunday the  long awaited poly tunnel was erected in the garden.